Susanne Scholz


For more then 20 years Susanne Scholz has set up opera productions.
Most of them were scenically performed, many using baroque gestures (cooperating therefore with specialists in this field like Margit Legler, Sigrid T’Hooft, Jutta Voß, Niels Niemann, Milo Momm, Sharon Weller and Niels Badenhop) and conducted by Susanne Scholz from the violin. The compositions were often first performances in modern times.
Recent partners for modern scenic performances have been Challyce Brogdon, Elke Steffen-Kühnl, Christian Thausing, Juana Cano Restrepo.

In all those performances Susanne Scholz conducts the singers and the orchestra from the concertmaster's chair. Her aim as conductor is to create space for the artistic expression of all artists being part of the production and to defend this space in order to give all the performers the possibility to communicate ideally through the common language achieved during the preparation and the rehearsals preceding the performances.