Susanne Scholz

research topics

Susanne Scholz has in Germany, Italy, the USA; Belgium, Taiwan, Italy, France, Finland, Latvia and Switzerland, lectured on special arguments within the performance practice field as

  • Violin bowing according to 16th, 17th and some 18th-century evidence in violin and general music treatises and the implications of these bowings for general bowing techniques, Violin positions in the 16th, 17th and 18th century,
  • Violin playing / playing technique from the beginning to the time of Giovanni Maria Bononcini (Montecorona/Zocca 1642- Modena1678) and his sons,
  • Die Stimmangaben für Geigeninstrumente und die Relevanz der „Prattica di musica utile et necessaria si al compositore per comporre i canti suoi regolamente...“, Venezia 1592 für die Grazer Hofkapelle,
  • French violin playing in the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century, Bowing sources for violin playing,
  • Beating the Time,
  • Il Compendio Musicale di Bartolomeo Bismantova,
  • Virtuosity in the Violin Solo Repertoire from the 16th to the 17th Century, Articulation
  • Bowing Indications in the the Writings of Monteclair, Dupont and Muffat - the special case of the Syncopation and the Sarabande,
  • Die Verbindung der Herrscherhäuser und deren Hofkapellen am Beispiel der Chronik von Cerbonio Besozzi,
  • Three Generations Vitali?- Stylistic Change in Italy around 1700,
  • L'Immagine di Corelli - on different ways to look at the Opus V Sonatas and
  • different lectures on the project of the Freiberg Instruments (The 5 violin instruments of the Freiberg Cathedral - The only remaining violin consort of the 16th century in the world).